Two weeks before Scott’s delivery: Yikes!
Ariana claps for the belly
One week before delivery, with friend Amy
In the hospital, the night before, in support hose
Scott is here! 14 minutes old
6 days old
9 days old
In the sling, 2 weeks old, ready for our first walk
15 days old, showing off hand-eye coordination!
One month old
Hand up Grandma’s shorts
Two months old
Three months old
Best friends forever
Four months old— Halloween
Man bites croc
First flight with Aunt Isabel & Cousin Sydney
First sand-between-the-toes, 5 months old
Cool dude
Surfing rocks
Look at the smile!
Trying to catch a wave with Isabel and Sydney
Gone fishin’ with Grandma
Playing with Cousin Tyler
Great hair, cuz!
Meeting Dr. Kelly, who got Mom pregnant
Major flirt
Six months: Elf man
Christmas morning in bear hat
Aw c’mon, Mom
Another cool hat for Christmas
Blowing raspberries at the dance studio with Jeff
Seven months: A chat with Coyote
First two teeth!
Mr. Cool Guy
8 months: Cousin Leah’s unpleasant hobby
The brush and cape are for a DOLL, not a boy!
Actually, starting to look kind of cool
Result: First Mohawk
And the fun begins...
Nine months: First real food (not baby food!)
Working the parallel bars
Helping Mom pack her suitcase for Easter
Boy meets chicken
10 months: Oral hygiene is serious business
Rearranging the library
At the dance studio again, with Jeff
Eleven months: Eating sand at the beach
“Not in the mouth!”?
I laugh at your rules!
First corn on the cob
Heading for the waves
Mom wouldn’t let me swim in freezing water
Looky what I can do
The dishwasher is an excellent toy
Making play-doh with Amy and Pascal
Feeding myself
Baby cereal makes great hair gel
Memorial Day swimming, on the cheap
Yay! Finally! A real splash pool!
Scott walks all the way across the room!
Piano man at Grandma’s house pre-birthday
Stealing Aunt Caroline’s sunglasses
June 19: Leah gave me the birthday crown
It’ll be Mom’s birthday, soon, too
Cool presents from family
A train!
Sneaking chocolate cake before the bib arrives
A red-velvet cupcake on my real birthday, June 22
For me? Really?!
Cake is a good thing
Party animal at my celebration on June 23
Pool party on the deck!
Another cake! This time, caramel
Half-naked cake-eating, post pool-party
Reading my birthday cards
This weeklong birthday thing is excellent!
It’s shaping up to be a great summer.
Louise and baby Scott’s first year together